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Our body can heal itself; it can also diagnose itself and let you know when and what is wrong if only we would listen. I have always been told I was born with a youthful look, and despite being abusive to myself (stress, unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, etc.), it usually takes a while before it cries out. From a scientific perspective, our construction to our physical existent, we ought to give credit to our parents’ sustenance that has nourished our development. One of my previous posts, “Spiritual Food,” brings together the relationship between religion and gastronomy. Here I am cultivating the relationship between gastronomy and nutrition.

As humans, we adapt to the culture and tradition of our environment. Within that environment, we organize the food to accommodate our dietary needs or choice. Therefore, it is relatively easy to find everything we need for sustenance right here in Jamaica (local home grown). Water, carbohydrate, protein, lipid (fat), vitamins, and minerals are vital elements of our sustenance. We live in the land of wood and amongst the best drinking water in the world. Carbohydrate includes sugar, starch, and fiber found in food. Fat finds you even without looking; however, you can find it in your butter, oils, etc. Protein is just as easy to find, yes, your meats and even in plants such as some grains, nuts, beans, there are even 13 of your most needed vitamins found in our food. Minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are building material in our structure (our teeth and bones) and, of course, some essential nutrients that our body either does not produce or inadequate quantity, hence we must get via our food.

We can find all we need to hear on the “rock” for a healthy, nourished lifestyle regardless of our dietary choices and needs. This simple act is also a recipe for food sustainability in Jamaica and a path to our personal and national economic prosperity.

We will continue this discussion. 

Randie Anderson Executive Chef, CEC, CCA,WCEC, MSc Gastronomic Tourism.
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