Eat to Love


While hunger gives rise to the need to eat, a “foodie” whether empty or not loves to eat.
Love is an emotional feeling and eating is a physical activity hence if you love to eat when you are emotionally connected to eating. Ever wonder why when you are in love, happy, sad or stressed it affects your appetite one way or another? Well yes, it is due to the emotion associated with eating.
When I get home from work and what I love to eat is prepared it makes me happy, I may even be excited by prior knowledge of what I will have later. Gastronomic emotion is a significant factor why we have gastronomic tourist (people who travel for food) it is the anticipation of the emotional experience that particular food will bring.
The taste and smell of food stimulate emotions due to its material and sensual possessions (Korsmeyer, 2005). Food emotion explains why my KFC Meal Deal with an order of apple pie excites me and makes me salivate just by the thought, even before I open the box. There is no doubt why taste involving all the senses is the most pleasurable (Korsmeyer, 2005). The soothing comfort of vanilla reminds me of my childhood days at home when Mommy baked those coconut cakes handed down from Grandma. These memories give me a feeling of security, reassurance, and familiarity. According to (Korsmeyer, 2005) “The Taste Culture Reader “in the 17th century, sweet substances like sugar and honey represented power, wealth and a fulfilling successful life.
Further to that (Korsmeyer, 2005) mentions that chocolate has been stereotyped as an erotic, romantic, sensual food item centuries ago, still holds its position in today’s society. As you can see packages containing chocolate will have a satin ribbon with a bow, roses or hearts on the box as a symbol of love an. Food emotion is why chocolate is the first thing that comes to mind on that first date or proposal for a relationship.
Eating and food is a conduit for gastronomy to bring out our emotional self. So then look within yourself and around you and realize the impact that food has on our behavior.

Randie Anderson Executive Chef, CEC, CCA,WCEC, MSc Gastronomic Tourism.
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