Spiritual Food

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Gastronomy and religion is a vast topic and food is a significant fixture in all religions and within each religion the different denominations. This article will not contain how much can be said about the involvement of food in religion without extensive research and probably the writing of a book or few. I guess you would have to start from Genesis 3 vs. 1-24 that speaks about the apple that Adam and Eve were told not to eat. Their children Cain who was a farmer and Abel a shepherd, who produce food and these, were presented to God as divine gifts, and the story goes on.
Jesus first miracle was turning water into wine (The Holy Bible, John 2 vs. 1-11), so while I try to sum up this topic, open your minds and allow your thoughts and experience to do the rest. Man shall not live by bread alone (The Holy Bible Mathew 4 vs. 4) is a spiritual lesson, likewise Jesus feeding a multitude of thousands with five loaves and two fish (The Holy Bible Mathew 14 vs19). The Last Super has many messages, for me as an Anglican remembering our Lord by part taking in The Holy Communion; I give thanks to God for all that it meant for us, breaking bread to represent the body of Christ and wine, the blood of Christ (The Holy Bible Mathew 26 vs. 17–30). Surely Jesus did not leave out food to signify some of his most notable miracles and teachings from start to finish.
Some religion is specific to dietary guidelines like vegetarianism for example and some of the particular food items. What and how you eat determines if you are real to your faith or not, but why and why food. I leave you with an assignment: Ask and answer yourself, why is food so significant to your religion or religion in general no matter your faith.

Randie Anderson Executive Chef, CEC, CCA,WCEC, MSc Gastronomic Tourism.
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